That's it I'm Offf

That's it I'm Offf
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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

what makes you grumpy

I am now in my 40's and my wife tells me I am a grumpy old git. Don't tell her but have to admit I have started to notice myself that I spend a lot of time whinging about everything. I do not discriminate it could be about anything from;
people in general, old people,young people,places,countries,governments,banks,garages,weather,taxes,benefits,schools,jobs.

I thought I would start with people.

What kind of people annoy me.?

Something that really annoys me is people on Public Transport who think it's a good idea to cough and sneeze and share it with you without making any attempt to stop their germs from spreading around.Don't you just hate it? I do,so much so that my wife recently bought me some face masks to hand out on the train.

These people really,really annoy me.I have a very strong work ethic and I get very annoyed with people who lye in their pit all morning when they are physically able to work.This would only apply to people who choose to live off the backs of others.It does not apply to others who are genuinely seeking employment but are unable to probably thanks to the "bankers" (we will come back to them later)
This is just the start of a very long journey for me and as Arnie said"I will be back".In the meantime please feel free to send me what makes you grumpy.

Bye for now GrumpyOldGit

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  1. Well done B on starting a blog to let off steam about what really annoys us, I agree with both of your pet peeves! nothing worse than sitting on a bus and being sneezed over, have some people no manners or ever heard of a hankie or tissue or even just a hand in front of their mouths would be a help.
    As for the scroungers! should be lined up and made to work on a chain gang!
    will be looking forward to hearing your views on the bankers and their hand outs while those that provide their bonuses are fighting to keep their homes and jobs!